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Mana Wairua
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Researching the indepth knowledge about Maori Food whakapapa and its tikana

Epuro Hands
Kia kotahi te ture 
mo nga iwi e rua
(Rua Kenana)


Revive, Preserve and Promote Pre-European Genuine Maori Cuisine and Contemporary Maori Cuisine Concepts 
for the people of New Zealand


Marae Catering Consultant - Maara Kai Consultant - Online Maori Menu Workshops

Events Management Partnerships - Maori Food Art and Sculpting Presentations - Maori Food Photography 

Contemporary and Traditional Maori Food Workshops - Maori Culinary Consultant -  

Home Garden, NZ Native Food Gathering, Foraging, Cooking and Preserving Consultant

 Strategic Planning and Office Administration Advisor - Multi Cultural Team Building Workshops -  

Marae Emergency Management and Resilience (Civil Defence) Preparedness Workshop Presentations

Maori Wardens, Community Patrol and Home Preparedness and Security 

All Inquiries  

email me